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About Us

Years in high performing consultancies have given invaluable experience with top technology and automotive giants worldwide, from both a commercial and technical perspective.

Resolutis thought it was time to combine these skills and offer companies the ability to see things through my unique lens.

Our Mission

Is to create beautiful business processes to deliver business value through software.

Our Vision

To offer companies the ability to see things through this unique lens.

The vision for Resolutis is to solve the problem companies have aligning their sales, product and technical processes from first sales call to technical product delivery.

By building the right processes and developing the right software, in mobile, web and cloud, I believe we can give to businesses the agility and visibility they need to achieve their true potential.

Why choose Resolutis?

Our ability to see things through a unique lens to bring outstanding results to our customers.

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John Ward

Accomplished technology leader with 24 years' experience delivering results across the full technology stack for the largest technology companies globally..