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I Define and Refine your Processes for Customer Value

Years in high performing consultancies have given me invaluable experience with top technology, supply chain and automotive giants worldwide, from both a commercial and technical perspective.

I thought it was time to combine these skills and offer companies the ability to see things through my unique lens.

The vision for Resolutis is to solve the problem companies have aligning their sales, product and technical processes from first sales call to technical product delivery.

By building the right processes and developing the right software, I believe we can give to businesses the agility and visibility they need to achieve their true potential.

I hope you will join me on this journey and we can be successful together.

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Our specialization

What we do

Leadership as a Service

Resolutis is your technology leadership partner to support you in making crucial technology decisions. Guiding your tech choices, saving you from months of costly mistakes.

Engineering Process Creation or Refinement

Turn your software releases into clockwork. Reducing cycle times, increasing efficiency to production. Ensure you have the right team in place to deliver and maximize the teams value.

Full Stack Development

Mobile and cloud platforms (web and native) platforms, including 3D. Your compass to make the right architecture and software development choices. Working with you to build the right software and architecture, including rapid MVP.

Technical Architecture

Resolutis can help you design the right technical architecture to meet your business needs. Cloud, web application or native device.

Sales into Delivery Process

Fine-tuning your sales processes to sync seamlessly with your delivery processes.

Integration and Migration

Resolutis can also help you migrate old platforms into new technologies and architectures. Experts in system integration, delivering these for the world’s global retail leaders.

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